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Concrete plinth foundation

Borga’s unique reinforcement technology in plinth foundations has been specially developed to bear loads from large buildings and to provide a base for spandrel beams and wall elements. The design of the system provides a thermal barrier, which means considerable energy savings in heated buildings.

Borga’s plinth foundation system is supplied complete with assembly and is normally installed in a single day. Our fitters have long experience of both large and small constructions, thanks to our extensive production of buildings.


The following are included in Borga’s plinth foundation system:

  • Concrete foundations in several dimensions
  • Edge beams and supporting bases
  • Wall elements
  • Ground sheets
  • Installation components for sealing and fastening

Foundations and edge beams are designed in accordance with EUROCODE.

Ordering a plinth foundation from Borga includes:

  • Planning and calculations
  • Detailed ground plan and instructions for ground-work
  • Installation

Concrete edge beam

Available in insulated and uninsulated versions.


Model Dimensions (mm) Weight
Uninsulated 100 x 400 100 kg/m
Uninsulated 200 x 400 195 kg/m
Insulated 150 x 400 105 kg/m
Insulated 200 x 400 160 kg/m
Length as required, max. 7 metres


borga_building_components_foundations_edge_supportSupporting base for edge beam

Borga offers supporting bases in our range that are used when installing edge beams for increased stability during construction.

Plinth 12/14

Base slab (mm): 1200 x 1400
Height (mm): 1200
Weight: 1000 kg
Top dimension (mm): 350 x 300

Plinth 12/16

Base slab (mm): 1200 x 1600
Height (mm): 1500
Weight: 1800 kg
Top dimension (mm): 400 x 350

Plinth 12/24

Base slab (mm): 1200 x 2400
Height (mm): 1500
Weight: 2200 kg
Top dimension (mm): 400 x 350

Plinth 18/24

Base slab (mm): 1800 x 2400
Height (mm): 1500
Weight: 3100 kg
Top dimension (mm): 400 x 400

Plinth 24/24

Base slab (mm): 2400 x 2400
Height (mm): 1500
Weight: 3900 kg
Top dimension (mm): 400 x 400

Edge beam

Insulated or uninsulated. The insulation consists of expanded cellular plastic (polystyrene).

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