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Borga’s frames are both innovative and attractive

The frames in Borga’s buildings consist of our unique steel frames. We have developed and refined our own design over a vast period in collaboration with Swedish institutes of technology. It is for this reason that we dare to claim that we have the most innovative frame solution on the market.

The pleated rib of Borga’s frames gives your building a personal character in combination with a raft of product benefits, such as low weight, high strength and good overall economy. The latest addition to our innovative selection of frames is our straight beam with pleated rib.

Borga’s frames are available in a number of variants to cover every need, and can be obtained in most colours in the RAL scale. Manufacturing takes place in our own automated production plant in Poland.

Borga’s frames are developed and designed according to EUROCODE.


Borga frame types


Borga-Frame-types-skara-1Our most versatile frame is available in different versions for different spans, heights, outbuildings and canopy solutions etc.

  • Normal span widths: 15-35 m
  • Standard roof slope: 7°, 15° or 20°
  • Frame system: Two or three hinged portal frame
  • Column foot:  Pinned


Borga-Frame-types-gdynia-1aA sturdy framework that is widely used in industrial buildings with low roof slope and larger spans. Available with traverse support.

  • Normal span widths: 20-40 m
  • Standard roof slope: 7°
  • Frame system: Hingeless portal frame
  • Column foot: Rigid base


Borga-Frame-types-uddevalla-1A frame with high roof slope for warehouses with very large spans.

  • Normal span widths: 35-50 m
  • Standard roof slope: At least 15°
  • Frame system: Strap beam with reinforcing braces
  • Column foot: Rigid base


Borga-Frame-types-riga-1A cost-effective design constructed using hot-rolled beams or our own IPB beams, which allow an economical and fast production, especially for smaller hall types.

  • Normal span widths: 8-18 m
  • Standard roof slope: 15°
  • Frame system: Hingeless or two hinged portal frame
  • Column foot: Pinned or rigid base


Borga-Frame-types-brno-1A frame that allows a fixed ceiling height in halls with smaller spans. Designed for fast and efficient installation.

  • Normal span widths: 8-20 m
  • Standard roof slope: 5-8° (7° recommended)
  • Frame system: Saddle beam with hinged connection to pillars
  • Column foot: Rigid base


Borga-Frame-types-vilnius-1A framework for buildings with pent roof such as wood stores, garages or simpler machine halls.  The frame is also suitable when the slope of the roof is required in a certain orientation.

  • Normal span widths: 10-20 m
  • Standard roof slope: 7°
  • Frame system: Hingeless or two hinged portal frame
  • Column foot: Pinned or rigid base
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