Condensation protection for roof sheets with Borga DropStop™

DropStop™ is our modern solution in the event of condensation. Condensation can result in considerable damage to equipment and materials in your building, which is why we have developed Borga DropStop™.

When warm indoor air comes into contact with the cold steel sheets, the condensation fabric absorbs the precipitated drops and binds them to itself. Through a combination of ventilation and rising temperatures during the day, the moisture is transported away and the fabric dries out.

DropStop™ is used on uninsulated roofs and in cases where the insulation is installed below the light beam. It is the perfect solution in buildings with a regular, non-aggressive environment with average humidity.

The good reflecting properties of the light grey film maintain a good light level in the building. DropStop™ can be used in most well-ventilated buildings, factory premises with production operations during the day, as well as buildings with minimal heating.

DropStop™ is a composite fibre fabric that is glued onto the underside of the painted sheets. The fibre fabric comprises a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres, bound together with resin/binding agent.

Colour, fabric/film Light grey
Thickness, fabric/film 0.8 – 1.1 mm
Weight, fabric/film 95 g/m2
Weight, adhesive 19 g/m2
Absorption capacity > 900 g/m2 at 0° incline, > 700 g/m2 at 45° incline, > 500 g/m2 at 90° incline
Drying time 3 hours (at 210°C with 50% humidity)
Fire class A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1
Special treatment The DropStop™ fabric is treated with a mould inhibitor (according to standards EN1104 and NFX41517) to counter the formation of mould which can stain the fabric.

Examples of ceilings where condensation occurs: uninsulated warehouses, cold roofs on residential buildings (above attics), external canopies, etc.

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