Fasteners for installing walls and roofs

High quality farmer screws Borga sells installation screws for sheet profiles in various models and dimensions for fastening to wood, light beams or steel, and for overlap fastening of sheet to sheet.

All our farmer screws have a drilling tip and a hex head enabling quick, easy installation, and an articulated washer with an EPDM rubber seal. The screws are made of tempered steel and are electrogalvanised. There are also screws without sealing washers for fitting in steel beams.

The sheets that are installed with farmer screws may be for covering walls or roofs, as well as for load-bearing wall and roof elements.

The right screw in the right place

Selecting the right screw is not only important for durability, but also plays a role when it comes to appearance and the overall impression. For this reason, the screw’s head is colour coated so that it blends in with the sheet. Uncoated screws can also be purchased for internal or concealed installations.

All fasteners are tested in our own building system for steel buildings. We sell screws in individual packages and as a part of complete material kits for roofs and walls.

Corrosion classes
Sheet to wood C2 – C3
Sheet to sheet (overlap) C2 – C3
Sheet to light beam C2 – C3
Sheet to steel C1 – C2

The lower class relates to the uncoated version.

Stainless steel screws are also available to meet particular needs.

borga_building_components_fasteners_product1Other fastenings

We also have a complete range of screws for the installation of trims, flashings and insulation, as well as for joining steel and sheet profiles of all sizes.

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