• Lietaus nuvedimo sistema
  • Lietaus nuvedimo sistema

Rainwater systems for large and small roofs

borga_building_components_rainwater_system_product2Borga’s range of gutters, pipes and bracket systems includes everything you need for a secure rainwater solution for your building.

The rainwater system is made of sheet steel, delivering a hard-wearing structure that offers good strength and withstands the stresses caused by the outdoor environment and the weather. The surface layer, which comprises durable polyester paint (P50 system), guarantees a long service life and good colour resistance, resulting in simple and economical maintenance.

Easy to install and combine

The system is type approved according to European standard 612, which means it is easy to combine with other makes. The standard dimensions are 125 mm (black, white and silver) or 150 mm (black and white).


  • Surface layer P50
  • Polyester
  • Primer
  • Metallising layer
  • Steel core


Gutter angle
Gutter end
Gutter grid
Gutter joint
Adjustable Gutter Hook
Gutter hook bender
Overflow protection
Gutter hook long
Gutter hook middle
Gutter hook short
Gutter hook special
Running outlet
Pipe holder for stone
Pipe holder for wood
Leaf filter
Leaf filter Lövis
Gulley shoe
Connector to leaf filter
Pipe connector
Folding shoe
Branch pipe
Intermediate pipe
Brace strap
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