Sliding doors

A sliding door has many advantages. In addition to offering good value, it is a tried and tested construction. These doors are particularly suitable for buildings with limited space around them, and are also suitable for very wide openings.

Borga sells complete building kits ready for installation or loose parts for customised dimensions. Of course, we also have a complete range of sliding door fittings with a capacity of up to 400 kg.

In order to achieve an appearance that harmonises with the building and its surroundings, you can choose between all of Borga’s sheet profiles to cover the door leaf.

Invest in a complete door

We sell building kits for door frames in a range of sizes. The frame comprises hot-dip galvanised square profiles and is supplied complete with installation fittings and screws.


System_6255_Track_DrawingSystem_5040_Track_DrawingSliding door fittings

We have a complete range of fittings for sliding doors. The range includes brackets, rails, hanging rollers, fittings, installation components and handles. The sliding door fittings come in two capacity classes, 150 kg and 400 kg.


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