Translucents for roofs and walls

The indoor environment is becoming increasingly important in modern steel buildings. Borga’s solutions let in plenty of light and produce a pleasant indoor atmosphere. Generous translucents are an environmental and energy factor, as they reduce the need for lighting during the day.

Transparent fibreglass-reinforced plastic

Borga_building_components_translucent1Borga’s translucents are manufactured in the same profile as our most common metal profiles: BPE18, BPD18, TR45 and Sinus.
The translucents are made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester and are coated with a unique surface which means that the UV light has only a marginal effect. In this way, light transmission and brightness are maintained for longer. The light permeability is retained for many years and the plastic does not yellow as quickly.

  • Light permeability of 85%
  • Temperature range -40oC – +130oC.

A wide range of translucents to meet all needs

In order to meet various functional and aesthetic requirements, we have a wide range of complementary light solutions for our steel buildings, including perforated sheet, skylights, ridge solutions and smoke vents.

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