Ventilation products

Borga_building_components_turbovent_1Turbovent™ mechanical outlet air valve

Borga Turbovent™ is a silent valve that increases the extraction of air from buildings and chimneys with the aid of the rising warm air. The turbine always rotates in the same direction, regardless of the direction and strength of the wind, and is installed at the end of a valve channel, chimney or in Borga’s ventilated ridge.

Turbovent™ does not require any additional power source, rather it is an entirely self-powered mechanical ventilation solution.


  • To increase ventilation in roof and attic spaces
  • When fluctuating wind conditions affect the draught in a roof valve
  • When the building is situated in a location with recurring, strong winds
  • When the draught in the chimney is insufficient
  • To improve the ventilation in buildings with natural draughts
  • When the building has to be completely closed, for example for storing grain


  • Maximum working temperature 150°C
  • Rolling bearing Ball bearing immersed in high-temperature oil
  • Material Chrome nickel and aluminium sheet
  • Dimensions Pipe diameter 150 – 350 mm

Rubber flashings for sealing roof sheet ducts

Borga_building_components_flashing_1The fastest and most economical solution for sealing around round sheet ducts is achieved with Borga’s rubber flashings. They are very flexible and suit all roof profiles, regardless of slope.

The rubber flashings can cope with expansion, shrinkage and pipe vibrations, and can be used for all kinds of pipes – steel, copper and PVC. They are made of EPDM rubber, which is weather and UV resistant. They have a temperature range of -65° to +250°C. The base is made of aluminium and is easily moulded thanks to its round shape, and it seals tightly to all types of roof.

The rubber flashings are available in various dimensions, covering pipe diameters ranging from 6 to 483 mm. Available in grey and black.

Ventilation hood for Elegant roofing tile sheet

Borga_building_components_ventcap_1The ventilation valve is used for outlet air or sewage ventilation, or to ventilate the area directly below the roof. Borga’s ventilation hood is a complete, integrated solution. It is designed to blend into the roof in an attractive, uniform manner.

The hood is integrated into a baseplate with the same profile as Borga’s Elegant roofing tile sheet.

The well-considered design allows good diversion of rainwater. In order to avoid condensation on the inside of the pipe, an insulated version of the valve can be purchased. A vertical pipe extends 95 mm under the profile for connection to the ventilation pipe.


  • For roof angle 15 – 45°
  • Connection ø 110 mm
  • Versions Insulated or uninsulated
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