Warranties and terms

Borga has its own, certified manufacturing operation and we are always careful to select good raw materials. We have control over the entire chain, which means that we can offer good product warranties.

Warranties on building sheets

Technical characteristics

Formation of rust to the extent that the corrosion causes holes on the flat surface of the product will not appear. The products will provide an effective weatherproof membrane.

Aesthetic properties

The “paint system” will remain adherent to the steel base and will not crack or delaminate (ex-cluding any minor peel back at cut edges). Any fade or colour change will be limited and uniform given equal exposure to the local environmental conditions.

Warranty periods
Paint system Technical characteristics Aesthetic properties
Premium Metallic 50 years 20 years
P50 50 years 15 years
P30 30 years 10 years
P25 (not in standard range) 20 years 7 years
Matt 30 years 10 years
The warranty period starts on the day of purchase of the product.

Rules for installation, maintenance and other terms apply in accordance with Borga’s general information applicable at the time of the purchase. See Warranties, General conditions – Appendix A.

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