Quality storage halls for agriculture

Not everyone can build a qualitative storage hall just because they say so. So why take the risk and endeavour into a time-consuming patchwork building project, when you can get it done without effort, uncertainty and trouble with the help from Borga.

When you buy an agricultural storage hall from Borga you will get a quality approved system solution, and a construction partner with full control from projecting, manufacturing and all the way to installation. And it doesn’t stop there. Our experienced and skilled installation teams are renowned for their efficiency and craftsmanship. With us, you will get a storage hall that is qualitative from engineering to practical execution, in every detail.

You’ll get all the functionality a farmer needs

Borga comes from the countryside and has built hundreds of storage halls for farmers during our more than 40 years in the business. So it’s definitely not an overstatement to say that we understand the requirements for these halls, often intended for a variety of purposes throughout a farmer’s annual cycle. Off course, the hall can be delivered partly or fully insulated.

borga_steel_buildings_agro_storage_insert1To top it off, having a pre-fabricated building system, doesn’t mean we’re not flexible. In fact, our building system is probably one of the most tailorable on the market.

Typical areas of use:

  • Farm workshop
  • Garage for agricultural machines
  • Grain storage

Unique and smart solutions

When it comes to our technical solutions, some are extra worth mentioning. For instance our ingenious concrete plinth system. All plinths are individually dimensioned so no additional concrete topping will be needed, to your convenience. The concrete edge beams, which can be insulated, are placed on the outside of the plinths giving a smooth and straight base of your hall. The edge beams will also function as a base form if a concrete floor is desired.

Furthermore, you will get high-quality steel sheets from our own production, and light beams of steel which are insensitive to mold. We also deliver sliding gates with full-length guiding rails, so you don’t have to worry about slamming gates being difficult to steer.

High-lighted benefits:

  • Always 0,6 mm roof sheeting
  • Steel frame dimensioned to current norms
  • Individually dimensioned concrete plinths
  • Edge beams placed flush with the wall base
  • Sliding gates with full-length guiding rails
  • Freedom of choice regarding window shapes.

Typical features – agricultural storage halls:

Frame – Skara or Brno frame types
Insulation – Most commonly non-insulated
– Roof sheeting with condensation protection membrane and mechanical air-vents mounted on the roof ridge.
– Can be partly insulated to accommodate a heated workshop or a garage
Roof pitch – 7 or 15°
Solutions – Sheet metal wall cladding or wooden facade
– Plinth foundation and edge beams including installation
– Concrete wall elements
– Horizontal light inlets made of transparent, fibreglass-reinforced plastic
– Sliding doors with widths up to 10 m
– Decorative gable window

Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.

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