Livestock stables

A building designed for livestock husbandry has certain requirements for air circulation, lighting and so on. There are also many different requirements whether the stable is intended for young stock breeding or beef cattle production, loose housing or tie stalls.

At Borga we are familiar to all these issues. However, being a company from the countryside, we know that there are as many solutions of how to build a stable as there are farmers. For that reason, our building system is developed to be tailored to meet your demands, whether they concern the actual husbandry or the building’s aesthetic appearance.

Our reputation is a testimony to our reliability

Our goal is that you will get a completely trouble-free construction. To assure that, we put together a team with a personal and knowledgeable project manager and a highly experienced installation manager to accompany you throughout the process. The construction is carried out by our own, professional and fast installation teams, who simply are experts in our building system.

High-lighted benefits – livestock stables:

  • EN-certified, documented and quality assured production
  • Great possibilities for customized solutions
  • Easily prepared for future expansion
  • Canopy up to 4,5 meters, without pillars
  • Always 0,6 mm high-quality roofing sheets

Typical features:

Frame – Skara or Gdansk frame types
– Heavy-duty topcoat to withstand aggressive environments
– Canopy on one or two sides
– Straight pillars to enable flat wall interiors
Roof pitch – Adapted to the building’s width to obtain optimized air draft and economy
Insulation – Typically non-insulated
– Sandwich panels as an option for insulated stables (breeding stables)
Solutions – Roof sheeting with condensation protection membrane
– Livestock roof ridge for extra light inlet and ventilation
– Entirely or partly open wall sides with perforated steel sheets
– Concrete wall elements
– Steel sheet wall profiles with wooden panel look
– Several openings with sliding doors

Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.

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