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The modern poultry building solution

Efficient chicken stables provide healthier chickens and better growth. They should be well-lit, easy to clean, have good ventilation and ensure correct temperature during the winter and summer.

Chicken stable, slide 4 | BORGABorga’s solution for poultry farming meets all of these needs and is also competitive price-wise. Also, a chicken stable with a steel frame is both durable and easy to maintain, which means good economy in the long run. It is a building that provides a secure, affordable, well-considered solution when it comes to construction, function and aesthetics. Our chicken stable helps you to be a more efficient chicken producer, while giving you a visually impressive building.

High-lighted benefits – poultry buildings:

  • Economical and sustainable
  • Adapted to modern poultry farming
  • A unique technical solution
  • Aesthetic, functional design

A unique technical solution

The main structure consists of a prefabricated steel frame, which doesn’t intrude on the interior. This design, together with sandwich panels, provides a completely flat solution in both the walls and ceilings. The flat surface without visible structural elements is necessary to maintain the hygiene requirements for breeding poultry. The panels can be coated with PVC for further improved performance. The sandwich cladding also gives the hall a modern and attractive appearance.

The roof is covered with Borga’s profiled roofing sheet, coated with a condensation protection membrane to prevent the condensation of water vapour. The building is prepared for roof mounted mechanical outlet vents and air intakes in the wall panels. The soffit is made of perforated steel sheets that allows ventilation of the space between the inner and outer roof.

An operations and production building is constructed adjacent to one of the long sides.


Frame Frame type: Orebro
Unique frame and pillar design to enable flat wall interiors.
Insulation Sandwich panels on the walls and in the ceiling, mounted from the inside to provide an easy-to-clean, water-proof interior surface.
Solutions Roof ridge with transparent fibreglass profiles and polycarbonate panels in the ceiling to provide for natural light inlet.
Roof construction prepared for installations of hanging lighting and feeding equipment.
Roofing sheets with DropStop membrane to prevent condensation between the roof and the ceiling (the attic).
Air vents integrated in the soffits and mechanical outlet vents along the roof ridge for extra ventilation of the attic.
Concrete wall elements.

Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.

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