The perfect office and storage building for small and mid-size companies

An office building for trading business must be versatile and needs to express the image and quality of the company. That’s why Borga should be the first choice for any small or midsize company. With us, you will get a tailored solution with all the benefits that comes with a pre-fabricated construction.

An office building with a warehouse does often accommodate different sorts of operations. These can set different requirements on the building’s construction. Borga’s extensive frame system allows tailored halls with different sections optimized to various activities. With our standardized building system, we can easily provide appropriate environments for warm or cold storages, workshops, garages, offices or lounge areas. It is off course also possible to design multi-coloured and expressive facades according to your company’s brand profile program.

A quality hall for quality companies

With us you will get quality of details. Our halls are manufactured in our own production facilities and assembled with craftsmanship. In combination with good versatility of the building, this will help ensuring a good resale value the day your business is moving elsewhere.

Borga’s insulated steel buildings provide comfortable indoor environments, where people will thrive and be productive. Our building system is extremely airtight in favour of an even indoor temperature and a good heating economy. The building can also be prepared for future extensions in any direction. In other words, a solution for growing, successful companies.

Building is easy with Borga

Our building process is simple and smooth, allowing our customers to focus on their businesses while construction is in progress. With us, customers can preferably manage their building projects themselves, without being compelled to hire a general contractor. Our customer promise with quick deliveries, high quality and fixed pricing – empowered by our simple building process and innovative building system – guarantees trouble-free constructions.

High-lighted benefits:

  • Tailored quality buildings for differentiated businesses who care for their image.
  • Quick delivery and rapid installation so that your business can go on without unexpected interruptions.
  • With Borga, customers can manage their projects themselves and avoid hiring cost driving general contractors.
  • Versatile quality buildings in favour of a good resell value.

Typical features – office and storage buildings:

Frame Skara frame type
Insulation Conventionally insulated wall assembly with sheet cladding or sandwich panels
Conventionally insulated roof assembly, with or without eaves
Insulated membrane/felt roofing on top of self-supporting sheets
Roof pitch 7 or 15° for sheet roofing or 3-7° for membrane/felt roofing
Solutions Mezzanine in the office part of the building
Storage section with large ceiling height
Washing facility or garage in one bay
Multi-coloured façade with or without concrete wall elements
Entrance with glass sections, flush with the wall or extended
Various overhead or folding doors in both external and internal walls
Large window sections

Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.

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