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The non-insulated riding hall is our best-selling hall solution

Training and exercising horses demands passion commitment and a long-term approach. A riding hall from Borga is an environment where you and your horse happily can spend time and develop together for many years to come.

borga_steel_buildings_riding_noninsulated_insert1The non-insulated riding hall is perfect for year-round, weather-protected riding, and it is also a very economical solution.

From a purely functional point of view, any riding hall must meet the basic requirements for size and there must be openings for both animals, humans and machine tools. In addition come specific, practical requirements for space and natural light, etc. A major advantage of a steel construction is that it won’t age, as wooden frames darkens over time giving a gloomy indoor environment.

 riding hall must provide a delightful training environment. But a riding hall is often also an expression of personal style. So ask us how we can design your particular riding hall so that it gets both beautiful, personal and in harmony with its surroundings.

Standard sizes for riding hall stables:

  • 22 x 42 m, the normal dimensions for everyday tracks and lessons
  • 22 x 60 m for dressage and show jumping competitions

High-lighted benefits:

  • Quality product from the heart of Sweden’s most horse-owner-dense area.
  • Borga is the market leading riding hall builder in Sweden
  • Brightly painted steel frame providing a durable and enjoyable training environment
  • 0,6 mm super strong and aesthetic roofing sheet
  • Concrete plinths are dimensioned to the specific building – no extra concrete topping needed

Typical features (non-insulated riding halls):

Frame – Skara frame type
Roof – 15° pitch
– 40 cm eaves with sheet cladding
– Roof sheeting with condensation protection membrane
Solutions – Sheet metal wall cladding or wooden facade
– Mechanical air-vents mounted on the roof ridge.
– Installation of plinth foundation, edge beams or wall elements
– Light inlets made of fibre-glass reinforced plastic or polycarbonate panels
– Bright polycarbonate ridge lantern solution
– Barn doors or sliding doors

Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.

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