Business parks that enable profitability

Return of investment is key when it comes to investing in a business park. Every project has its business plan, and solid revenue and cost plans are crucial for rental pricing and financing. Which means that Borga’s quality promise fits perfect.

Trouble-free construction means that we manage the building project so that the customer can focus on getting tenants. Our control over the entire production chain, enables us to deliver when agreed, and without additional costs. This means that your landlord operations can start just as planned, benefitting both you and your tenants.

Another convenient advantage is our extensive warranties on the sheeting, which in combination with our durable steel frames give you a trouble-free ownership throughout the whole longevity of your business operation.

Benefit from our flexible system

Borga’s building system is flexible, which means that we easily can optimize the building to your building plot as well as making the rental spaces adaptable to different kinds of business orientations. For instance, lofty rental spaces is achieved by our innovative frames and by large widths between pillars. Non-supporting drywalls enables the adaption of rental spaces to include one or more bays, to meet every tenant’s particular spatial requirements.

High-lighted benefits:

  • Highly economic and cost-reliable solution
  • Non-supporting drywalls for maximum flexibility
  • Flexible bay dimensions, up to c:c 7,2 m between pillars
  • Steel frames which enables a large interior height
  • Successful and satisfied customers

Typical features – Business parks:

Frame – Skara or Vilnius frame types (mono-pitch frame)
Insulation – Conventional insulated wall assembly or sandwich panel
– Conventional insulated roof assembly
Roof pitch – 7 or 15°
Solutions – Open mezzanine in back end of building
– Windows in mezzanine’s exterior wall
– Fire-rated interior walls between bays (EI 30 or EI 60)
– Overhead or folding doors in front of building
– Canopy over door openings
– Concrete wall elements

Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.

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