Production halls for heavy duties

A company that invests in a new production facility wants to have a reliable and experienced building partner. Borga is a manufacturing company as well as a construction company, thus knowing which functional aspects is required for an industrial building.

borga_steel_buildings_production-hall_insert3Unplanned production halts must be avoided, and a good start is to choose a building partner with control over its production chain, such as Borga. Our comprehensive hall construction system enables us to deliver when agreed, and perform a rapid installation without ever compromising with quality or craftsmanship.

High-lighted benefits:

  • 40 years of experience
  • Reliable delivery and rapid installation
  • A proven system solution with big possibilities for tailored solutions
  • Control over the production chain guaranteeing quality solutions
  • Building can be prepared for a seamless extension

A durable hall from our own production

We manufacture our steel frames in our own, EN-certified and automatized production facility. Light beams and steel sheet profiles are also of our own production. All parts are delivered together as a building kit, carefully calculated by our skilled engineers to be thoroughly assembled by our own installation teams.

Our extensive frame programme enables flexibility, to meet any customer’s specific demands on load capability, spatial requirements and resistance to aggressive environments etc. Sectioned interior for different production lines, with various requirements for noise reduction and fire protection, is common.

Overhead cranes for heavy lifts

We provide straight pillars with column brackets for overhead crane beams, as well as crane beams with our without crane rails. These can be installed either longitudinally or transversally. We are accustomed to cooperate with crane manufacturers, to provide ultimate solutions, both economical and regarding carrying capacity.

Typical features – production halls:

Frame – Gdynia or Skara frame types
Insulation – Conventionally insulated wall assembly with sheet cladding or sandwich panels
– Conventionally insulated roof assembly
– Insulated membrane/felt roofing on top of self-supporting sheets for large roofs
Roof pitch – 7° for sheet roofing or 3-7° for membrane/felt roofing
Solutions – Straight pillars as an option
– Column brackets for overhead crane beam
– Overhead crane beams with our without crane rails
– Large vertical or horizontal light inlets or windows
– Sectioned interior for different production lines with various requirements for noise reduction and fire protection.
– Overhead or folding doors
– Mezzanine in part of building for offices or storage facilities
– Canopy over loading platform

Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.

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