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A unique modular system that grows with your needs

Borga’s aircraft hangars are an ideal solution for the economic storage of seagoing vessels, aircraft and related equipment.

In addition to protection from the elements, they also provide functional environments for repairs and maintenance work. When the space requirement grows, the modular hangar is easy to expand because the system is designed to be extended in stages in all directions.

In a hangar building, space efficiency and good logistics is crucial. Therefore, we can dimension the frame so that smaller aircraft can be hoisted up under the roof. In these cases we build your hangar as a custom-made solution.

Borga hangars are perfect for:

  • Sports aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Gyroplanes
  • Boats


Doors with great width

A hangar is not functional without extensive and flexible door solutions. For our modular system, we designed a simple and ingenious system of surface-hanging sliding gates with double rails and four-door segments that can move independently of each other. This provides both flexibility and maximum opening area. A classical problem in a hangar is access to the vehicles parked in the back row. The sliding door system in combination with our smart modular design, solves this problem and provides a solution with doors at both ends of the hangar.

Of course you can also choose to customise your hangar with more advanced door solutions, especially if you choose an insulated building. We can supply space efficient rolling doors or folding doors with manual or automatic opening mechanisms.

Proven standard solutions

Borga hangars are available both insulated and uninsulated. In the uninsulated hangar solution, the underside of the roof plate is fitted with DropStop membrane cladding for protection against condensation, which prevents the precipitation of moisture droplets that occur at varying temperatures.

As with all Borga hangars, there is a selection of opportunities for letting in natural light: windows, skylights, light ridge, or profiled fibreglass. The hangar is ventilated by natural draught and, if necessary, the airflow can be increased by mechanical roof vents. For the foundation the Borga concrete plinth foundation system is recommended.

Borga modular hangar system

borg_steel_building_hangar_1 Borga_steel_building_hangar6

  • Can be expanded in stages in both length and widthAllows doors both front and rear
  • Snow and water drain to the sides
  • Saddle roof that provides a fixed ceiling height throughout the hangar


Customised hangar solution

borga_steel_building_hangar_5 borg_steel_building_hangar_3 borg_steel_building_hangar_4

  • Optional construction with saddle roof or pent roof
  • Opportunity for hanging storage and overhead crane tracks
  • Optional door solution
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