Insulated warehouse buildings

Investing in an insulated warehouse building is a long-term decision. You need to make sure that you choose a solution for the future. Both when it comes to possibilities for expansion as well as getting a good resell value the day your business is moving elsewhere. You’ll need a partner like Borga.

Borga has built many insulated warehouse buildings for different businesses throughout the years. More than 40 years of experience makes us a solid partner. We are well-renowned for quick deliveries and rapid installations. We deliver when agreed so that your business plan won’t be delayed. You will get a versatile and durable building ensuring a good resale value, making us the safe choice for your building project. Furthermore, the building can easily be prepared for future seamless extension in any direction, so that your storage capacity can be increased step by step.

Our building system is just perfect for the task

We can adapt our building system to different requirements and logistics solutions. For instance, since our innovative portal frame doesn’t have a truss structure, it enables large ceiling heights without the necessity of building excessively high walls.

Another advantage to Borga’s building system is that the width between pillars is flexible up to 7.2 meters, meaning that we can build halls optimized to the dimensions of different storage systems. Sometimes a mezzanine is the most suitable solution for heavy loads.

A good indoor environment is important. Our hall constructions are airtight, in favour of even indoor temperature and good heating economics. When white painted, the frames give the inside of the hall a bright atmosphere.

Solutions for different logistic needs

Interior walls can be fire-stopping, and are preferably positioned between bays. We can also deliver the hall without interior walls, which easily can be installed later on. Non-insulated sections is often desired, as well as making one or more bay partly or fully open, providing a weather protected loading area.

When it comes to loading solutions, we can provide loading platforms with houses, levellers and gates. Industrial doors, internally or externally, can be manually or electrically manoeuvred. Our frame system allows canopies with the length of up to 4.5 meters, without supporting pillars.

All in all – Borga has a comprehensive offer, perfectly suited for warehouse building projects.

High-lighted benefits:

  • Quick delivery and rapid installation
  • Airtight construction
  • Frame construction allowing large ceiling heights
  • Flexible bay dimensions
  • Perfect solution for seamless expansion

Typical features – insulated warehouse buildings:

Frame – Skara, Malung or Uddevalla frame types
Insulation – Conventionally insulated wall assembly with sheet cladding
– Conventionally insulated roof assembly
– Insulated membrane/felt roofing on top of self-supporting sheets for large roofs
Roof pitch – 7 or 15° for sheet roofing or 3-7° for membrane/felt roofing
Solutions – Electrically manoeuvred industrial doors of various sizes.
– Canopy over loading platforms, up to 4,5 meters without pillars.
– Weather protected loading zone on one gable with the length of one bay.
– Load houses.
– High positioned horizontal light inlets along the long sides.
– Smoke hatches.

Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.

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