Non-insulated warehouse buildings

The non-insulated warehouse is one of our most versatile buildings and can be designed to fit a variety of purposes. Our building system is flexible and there are many possibilities to tailor the hall to any logistic requirement.

borga_steel_buildings_nonins-warehouse_insert1Borga has built hundreds of non-insulated warehouse buildings for different businesses throughout the years. We are well-renowned for quick deliveries and rapid installations. With us, you will get a versatile and durable building than easily can be prepared for seamless extension in any direction.

Since our innovative portal frame doesn’t have a truss structure, it enables large ceiling heights without the necessity of building excessively high walls. The width between pillars is flexible up to 7.2 meters, so the halls can be optimized to the dimensions of different storage systems. A mezzanine is sometimes the most suitable solution for heavy loads, and can easily be incorporated to the construction.

Smart solutions

Insulated sections is often desired, as well as making one or more bay partly or fully open, providing a weather protected loading area. Our frame system allows canopies with the length of up to 4.5 meters, without supporting pillars. Sliding gates are often sufficient, but the openings can off course be equipped with electrically or manually manoeuvred industrial doors of different kinds.

Our ingenious concrete plinth system is worth mentioning. All plinths are individually dimensioned so no additional concrete topping will be needed, to your convenience. The concrete edge beams, which can be insulated, are placed on the outside of the plinths giving a smooth and straight base of your hall. The edge beams will also function as a base form if a concrete floor is desired.

High-lighted benefits:

  • Quick delivery and rapid installation
  • Frame construction allowing large ceiling heights
  • Flexible bay dimensions
  • Individually dimensioned concrete plinths
  • Always 0.6 mm quality roofing sheets with condensation protection
  • Sliding gates with full-length guiding rails

Typical features – non-insulated warehouse buildings:

Frame – Skara, Malung or Uddevalla frame types
Roof pitch – 7 or 15° pitch with or without 40 cm eaves with sheet cladding
Solutions – Sheet metal wall cladding
– Roof sheeting with condensation protection membrane
– Mechanical air-vents mounted on the roof ridge.
– High positioned horizontal light inlets made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic
– Installation of plinth foundation, edge beams or wall elements
– Canopy over loading platforms, up to 4,5 meters without pillars.
– Weather protected loading zone on one gable with the length of one bay.
– Load houses
– Sliding doors
– Smoke hatches.

Learn more about what’s included in the deal, when purchasing a steel building from Borga.

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