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Quick & Easy standardhallar med endast 6 veckors leverans!

Quick Easy is our fastest offer For those who want a good and simple Standard Hall At a low price with all the benefits of Borga.

Buying a Quick & Easy-hall means a choice between a few but carefully selected packages in the most commonly used sizes. Our long experience of building steel building and discussing solutions with customers has been very useful when we have designed these Standard Halls.

Quick & Easy is for those who want simplicity without frills, without compromising on usability and quality.

Fewer choices and additions – our lowest price!

  • By choosing simple, proven solutions and minimizing choice, we can offer a quality hall with extra fast delivery and at a very good price!
  • Quick & Easy is possible due to our ability to use our resources as efficiently as possible in all stages. It benefits you in terms of cost and time, from purchasing decisions to the building being finished!
  • Just like all the halls from Borga, Quick & Easy- is delivered with erected frames which means that you handle the installation of roofs, walls and doors. That way you can save even more money!
  • If you want the fastest possible construction, choose a complete delivery with the montage!

Complete with Plintgrund

A Quick & Easy- steel building comes with Borgas proven and smart Plinth foundation. All you need is to prepare the ground, measure and dig the pits according to our instructions.

Select from the following Quick & Easy-Solutions

We have developed 4 uninsulated Standard Halls In requested sizes for agriculture, equestrian sports and warehouses.

12 x 24 meter 15 x 30 meter 22 x 42 meter 22 x 60 meter

This is included in the Quick & Easy Standard Steel buildings

When you buy a Quick & Easy Steel building the work and project management is included just as for all Borga steel buildings. We also supply design drawings, floor plans and facade drawings, a basic plan and a digital final documentation that is submitted at the final inspection.

Quick & Easy - Standard Buildnings | BORGA

I Quick & Easy-hallen ingår en enkelbladig skjutport och en gångdörr 10×21. I de två hallarna med 22 m bredd ingår även en dörr 13×24. Ljusinsläpp av glasfiberarmerad plast kan väljas till. Svetsade stålramar tillverkade i vår egen svetsfabrik. Takåsar och väggreglar av förzinkad lättbalk. Vindkryss. Takavvattning med hängrännor, stuprör och utkastare. Bleck och beslag av plåt enligt Borgas höga standard. Profilerad takplåt 0,6 mm Borga Super 40 med kondensskydd DropStop. Väggbeklädnad av plåt 0,5 mm Borga BPE 18.

Höjd till takfot: 4,3 m
Isolering: Nej
Takutsprång: 0 eller 400 mm
Ljusinsläpp på långsidorna: Går att välja till
Grund: Borga plintgrund med oisolerad kantbalk
Färg på stålstomme: Mörkröd (RAL 3009), C2
Fasadfärger: Röd 3009, Grå 0087, Vit 9106, Silver 9006
Beslagsfärger: Svart, vit eller samma som fasaden
Tillvalslösningar: Nockventilation, snörasskydd
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