Our customers have enjoyed trouble-free construction for 50 years

Since the company was founded in 1973, our dedication to supplying customers with high-quality products has never waned.

Looking back, it is clear that 1973 was an eventful year. Carl XVI Gustaf ascends to the throne as King of Sweden and the US Army leaves Vietnam. The group Kiss is formed, and Elton John tops the charts with ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’.

Borga 50 years - 1973-2023 | BORGA


Borga initially manufactures building sheets at its site in Edsvära, in the west of Sweden. The growing popularity of tennis in the 1970s gives Borga’s early construction business a welcome boost. 

The Watergate scandal is top news, ABBA win Eurovision Song contest with ‘Waterloo’. Flared jeans are in fashion, and brown, orange and green are all the rage in home décor. 


A strong entrepreneurial spirit leads Borga to become an industrial group, with production of sheet metal, doors and fasteners. Establishment of operations in California. 

The Berlin wall is torn down ending the cold war. Fashion embraces pastel colours and poodle perm and we listen to New wave music. 

The Truth Is Out There, tagline of The X-Files | BORGA


Eastern Europe – a market with considerable construction and renovation needs – opens up following the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

We watch X-files and Friends on TV while techno and hip hop emerge on the music scene. Eating tex-mex food is trendy and we start surfing the Internet with clunky dial-up modems. 


Following a generational change, Borga’s focus shifts to sheet metal production, and a European distribution network grows rapidly.

The Euro currency is introduced, we wear low-cut jeans, the MP3 player is popular, and ‘Idol’ hits the TV screens. We indulge cupcakes and macarons with a caffe latte on the go. 

Netflix - a streaming service | BORGA


Hall construction takes off as a growth sector, and our own factory for production of steel frames is inaugurated in central Poland. 

The streaming services Spotify, YouTube and Netflix take the world by storm. We bake sourdough bread and eat overnight oats. 

Poke Bowl is a Hawaiian national dish - popular outside of Hawaii | BORGA


As digitalisation accelerates, Borga’s own rate of development quickens, with the company once more looking to the future.  

Covid-19, war in Europe and high inflation. AI technology explodes and we order Poké bowls and Vietnamese steam buns from food trucks.  

Anders Paulsson
Anders Paulsson

VD Borga Plåt, COO Borga Gruppen

+46511-34 65 91 Call
"We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve, as we pursue our vision of supplying customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for many years to come.”

Our logo through the years – 1973 to 2023

Vår logotyp genom åren - 1973-2023 | BORGA

Entrepreneurs from western Sweden

We have experienced a great deal of change and numerous challenges over the last half-century, but we have always endeavoured to provide our customers with reliable, high-quality solutions.  

The company was founded on the Borga farm in the west of Sweden and initially focused on sheet metal production. Our guiding principles have been the same as those of many other entrepreneurial companies from the region, and are best expressed in the saying: “Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved”. 

“Therefore, over the years we have pushed the boundaries in the building sector, both in our thoughts and on the map, and we’ve always followed our own path,” says Peder Dagsánth, founder and owner of the Borga Group. 

With its heart in the Skaraborg region, Borga has evolved a strong corporate culture, characterised by collaboration, a forward-looking attitude and down-to-earth values. 

Trouble-free construction 

We have manufactured steel construction products since 1973, with a focus on innovative design, quality and sustainability. 

With a product portfolio that runs from buildings designed for industry, logistics, agriculture and equestrian activities to offices and commercial premises, Borga has delivered thousands of structures over the course of our first 50 years. 

“We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve, as we pursue our vision of supplying customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for many years to come,” says Anders Paulsson, COO. 

Borga i Skara 2016 | BORGA

2016 – prior to the new factory in Sweden 

This is how the area looked before we built our new production facility. 

Borga i Skara 2023 | BORGA

2018 – new factory in Sweden 

We opened our new factory across the road in 2018. 

Borga i Skara 2016 | BORGA


Older buildings in the area before we built our production facility in Sweden. 

Borga i Skara 2023 | BORGA

2018 – the new factory in Sweden 

This is our modern production facility, where we fold sheet metal and manufacture our high-profile sheets. 

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