Supplier code

At Borga, we are aware that our business affects people and the environment, locally and globally. We believe in close co-operation with our suppliers, which includes taking responsibility for sustainability throughout the supply chain.

To achieve a sustainable entrepreneurship, Borga has established a code of conduct. The purpose of Borga Group’s supplier code is to lay down the general principles and standards of the code of conduct and to specify what we require of our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to work in accordance with these commitments:


Ethical and responsible behaviour

  • We comply with laws and regulations.
  • We do not accept corruption and bribery.
  • We combat financial crime.

Respect for human rights

  • We work for equality.
  • We prioritize health and work safety.
  • We do not accept child labor and forced labor.

Commitment to a healthy climate

  • We protect the climate and the environment.
  • We work to reduce our environmental impact.
  • We strive to reduce all kinds of resource waste.


Borga’s supplier code applies to all suppliers and their subcontractors who are involved in the production and supply of products and services for Borga. Our suppliers are responsible for informing their employees and others in the supply chain of Borga’s supplier code and for ensuring that it is complied with.

Legal requirements

In addition to satisfying the requirements of the supplier code, Borga’s suppliers must adhere to all national legislation, regulations, and other applicable standards (such as good manufacturing practices and other codes of conduct), as well as other relevant legal requirements based on the principle of adhering to those that are the most stringent.


Suppliers must not be involved in any form of corruption, including bribery, kickback/hidden commission, fraud, or extortion. Suppliers must not take any measures that violate or result in Borga violating any applicable anti-corruption legislation or regulations.

Human rights and work

Suppliers are expected to uphold the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Suppliers must treat every employee with respect and must not use physical punishment, threats, violence, or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment.

Our suppliers must not engage in child labour. Suppliers that employ young people who are older than the statutory minimum age for employment but under the age of 18 must follow all applicable legislation and regulations for people of their age.

Forced labour is not permitted in any form, nor is the use of illegal labour or imprisonment. This includes all forms of involuntary agreements.

Suppliers must not discriminate or condone discrimination based on race, gender, age, political persuasion, religion, ethnicity, nationality, faith, civil status, parenthood, health, sexual orientation, illness, disability, trade union membership, or any other personal characteristics during either recruitment or employment.

Occupational health and safety

Suppliers must provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with any applicable legislation and regulations. Suppliers shall work proactively to prevent accidents and ensuring continuous improvement of health and safety standards.

Appropriate workwear and protective equipment must be available, maintained, used, and provided free of charge to employees working in hazardous or potentially hazardous environments. Suppliers must take measures to ensure safe and lawful handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals and hazardous substances, as well as provide employees with adequate training.

Construction structures, machinery, and other equipment must be safe to use and equipped with the necessary safety features to prevent accidents. Preventative measures must be implemented in the workplace in order to protect workers from occupational hazards and to ensure a healthy work environment.

Environmental impact

Suppliers must work to reduce their environmental impact continually. This includes being aware of and monitoring key environmental aspects, including the environmental impact of:

  • the burning of fossil fuels;
  • products and production methods;
  • transport;
  • the contamination of the air, water, and ground; and
  • the management of waste and hazardous substances.

Suppliers must ensure that all chemicals and hazardous substances used in the production of Borga’s products comply with the provisions of national environmental legislation, regulations, and industry standards. Waste must be stored, handled, and disposed of responsibly and in accordance with local legislation to prevent contamination and to safeguard the health and safety of employees. Suppliers must take measures to avoid the contamination of water by preventing and reducing the discharge of wastewater.


Suppliers must have procedures for dealing with questions and complaints relating to Borga’s supplier code. At Borga’s request, all suppliers must inform Borga of addresses for factories where products are made. Suppliers must agree that Borga and its representatives may conduct inspections to ensure compliance with this supplier code. These inspections may be made at any time, at any production facility where Borga’s products are made, including the facilities of sub-contractors. Such inspections may be announced or unannounced. Borga and third parties representing Borga must be given access to the documentation required to verify compliance with this supplier code.

Letter of acknowledgement

We (supplier name):


We hereby acknowledge we have accessed and reviewed the Borga Group’s Supplier Code above (available at, and hereby certify that:

  1. We understand and agree that we will conduct our business in conformity with the standards set forth in Borga Group’s Supplier Code; and
  2. We confirm that all our present and future employees that are involved in our business with Borga will abide by Borga Group’s Supplier Code; and
  3. We understand that the requirements within Borga Group’s Supplier Code take immediate effect and confirm our intention to comply; and
  4. We acknowledge that the failure to comply with these Codes and this policy may result in our termination as a qualified supplier to Borga Group or any of its subsidiaries.





__________________________                                   __________________________

Signature                                                                                                  Date



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