Borga’s sustainability efforts are based on the three dimensions of ecological, economic, and social sustainability, which are aligned with the United Nations’ global goals.

Our commitments are to:

Reduce our environmental impact

Prioritize health and safety

Conserve resources

Sustainability commitment | BORGA

Borga originates from the countryside, and for us, caring for the environment is both natural and essential.

We are aware that our operations impact people and the environment, both locally and globally.

Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in a humble recognition of our role in the greater ecosystem. We understand that every action, no matter how small, contributes to the well-being of our planet and communities.


Economic sustainability - managing resources wisely

For us, economic sustainability involves managing both our own resources and the planet’s resources. This includes striving for high efficiency and quality in our processes to eliminate all forms of resource waste. We firmly believe that resource management goes hand in hand with our ability to address sustainability issues while also leading to improved profitability.

Economic sustainability means focusing on reducing all forms of energy consumption and being adept at optimizing material usage in manufacturing and procurement. The development of our building system should be driven by the goal of achieving sustainable and resource-efficient building solutions. Reducing waste, promoting increased recycling, and reuse are essential. Waste management should enable extensive sorting to minimize mixed and combustible waste.

Hazardous substances can pose risks to the environment, health, and the economy. Therefore, we shall conduct systematic chemical management. Health and environmental risks associated with the use of hazardous substances should be minimized or completely eliminated.

Ecological sustainability - reduced environmental impact

As a construction company and manufacturer of steel structures, Borga is a part of the construction and industrial sectors, which account for a significant portion of society’s energy and material usage. Therefore, we believe that we have a responsibility to positively impact the environment. We strive to continually improve our environmental efforts and implement goals and measures that reduce the company’s impact on climate.

We evaluate our environmental impact regularly and work primarily to minimize, and secondarily compensate for the environmental footprint of our operations. This is achieved through pollution prevention and by reducing our overall carbon footprint  with a focus on significant environmental aspects. By involving and engaging our employees, we create a strong environmental culture where each individual understands their responsibility to contribute to reducing the company’s impact on the environment.

Social sustainability - health and safety first

Borga’s operations encompass a wide range of activities performed by both employees and suppliers. We are convinced that all accidents and work-related health issues can be prevented, and the guiding vision for creating secure workplaces is to be a role model in terms of workplace environment and safety.

Our commitment to social sustainability extends throughout the entire supply chain, covering working conditions, both physical and psychosocial work environments, and safety issues. This commitment includes our own employees as well as employees of our suppliers and subcontractors.

A central premise is that secure and evolving workplaces create conditions for economic growth at all levels, forming the basis for long-term sustainability efforts. Continuous skill development ensures that employees have the right knowledge to lead and contribute to internal sustainability efforts and to succeed in setting expectations for our suppliers.

Goals for resource management

Annually reduce the proportion of combustible and mixed waste in relation to our sales volume.

Annually decrease the consumption of electricity, packaging, and other consumables.

Implement chemical management leading to the phase-out of all environmentally and health-hazardous substances.

Goals for environmental efforts:

We shall annually reduce our overall environmental impact in relation to our sales volume.

We shall annually decrease the carbon impact from transportation in relation to our sales volume.

Goals for safety efforts:

We shall annually reduce the number of incidents and maintain a zero-accident vision in our operations.

We shall annually conduct a survey of both physical and psychosocial work environments with the goal of continually improving the organization’s conditions.

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