Sustainability commitment

Sustainability is a fundamental and guiding principle of all of Borga’s activities. We acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet as well as to reduce the risk of global social instability.

For us, sustainability means taking a holistic approach to issues relating to ecology, economics, and society. This approach involves engaging in long-term sustainability efforts that benefit our profitability, not least by way of ongoing improvements in resource management. This, in turn, is a key prerequisite for ensuring the longevity of our sustainability efforts.

Borga Group’s overall sustainability objectives, we will:

  • work to improve the resource management of its own activities;
  • evaluate and compensate for Borga’s environmental and social footprint from its products, and involve suppliers and customers in this process;
  • run the business in accordance with sound environmental standards and in a way that, as a minimum, corresponds to the requirements laid down in applicable legislation;
  • work actively to improve the work environment and safety of all workplaces on an ongoing basis; and
  • follow up on results and revise objectives on an ongoing basis in order to minimise the company’s environmental and climate footprint.

Economic sustainability

Sustainable working methods go hand in hand with the profitability of the business, as this requires the efficient utilisation of all our resources.

We are resolute in running the business sustainably in order to offer our customers important added value, including enabling them to achieve their own sustainability objectives.

Ecological sustainability

Borga’s roots are on the countryside. For us, it goes without saying that we care about the environment and climate.

For us sustainability is, to a large extent, feeling responsible for the environment and taking concrete measures to help support the climate both in the short and long term.

Social sustainability

Borga wants to help ensure a sound society that enjoys good health, tolerance, and equality.

This commitment covers how we behave as an employer, purchaser of products and services, supplier, and social actor in general.


    The purpose of Borga’s code of conduct is to lay down general principles and standards and to specify what we require of ourselves and our suppliers. Borga has laid down the following principles. We expect our suppliers to work in accordance with our commitments:

    • Ethical and responsible behaviour
    • Sound resource management
    • Respect for all human rights
    • Commitment to a healthy climate

    Borga’s code of conduct applies to all suppliers and their subcontractors who are involved in the production and supply of products and services for Borga.

    Our suppliers are responsible for informing their employees and others in the supply chain of Borga’s code of conduct and for ensuring that it is complied with.

    Read our Code of Conduct

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