Keeping our promises

The Swedish word ‘borga’ means being able to guarantee or promise something. It means taking responsibility for the things you say and do. In our case, it means a promise of knowledge, value for money and quality. You can rely on Borga in all building projects. We guarantee it.

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easy to do business with

People from Skara, in Western Sweden, come straight to the point and are easy to do business with.

We are proud of the things we do and stand by what we say. We are also helpful and show respect for our fellow people, regardless of whether they are customers or employees.

Borga’s heart is in Skara, yet our gaze is looking ahead, out into the world.

As a result, we keep our feet on the ground while at the same time having an international outlook on the building sector.

The key values of the Borga corporate culture


We take care of our customers’ actual needs, both functional and aesthetic.


We support both each other and our customers to make our day-to-day lives easier.


We always strive to achieve smarter, more efficient working methods.

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cost-effective building system

Our goal is to offer the most cost-effective building system on the market, as well as the smoothest, most flexible building process in the sector.

This may seem an ambitious goal, but Borga is a solutions-oriented company.

If we see a problem, we solve it. If we discover a method that does not work, we develop a new one.

By constantly questioning traditional methods, we are able to challenge the market with more efficient building techniques.

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