Steel buildings that last

It should be easy to build a steel building, from the first draft until you have the key in your hand. This is always our approach, regardless of the demands you place on your steel hall. The way we build has made us the most complete hall builder on the market.

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We manufacture all the bearing components in our own factories | BORGA

We manufacture all the bearing components in our own factories. As a result, we are responsible for every welded joint and understand the potential of the raw materials.

Our assembly teams also ensure that your steel building is installed quickly, accurately and safely.

In short, Borga is a unique hall builder that controls the entire building process.

Convenient for you. Natural for us.

Charlotte Rosén
Are you interested and want to know more about Borga Group? Please contact me. I'm looking forward to it!

Borga is steel buildings

A steel building from Borga is always a quality solution, regardless of what it looks like or what it is used for.

We know how to manufacture, develop, plan and build functional steel halls. Borga’s smart building system, with our unique frames, makes it easy for you to build a steel hall according to your requirements and wishes.

As a result, your steel hall will look and work exactly as you want.

Borga is the only hall builder you need.

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