The construction system is the foundation of our overall commitment

Prefabricated perfection never leaves anything to chance. Our building system is something you can rely on in all types of projects.

borga_technical_solution_2016_ins_wallBorga’s building system simplifies the building process, while at the same time creating great opportunities to customise your building. Manufacturing and development are based on robust innovation and rational thinking. This provides you with a quality-assured, efficient production chain from start to finish, whatever your needs.

The ultimate building kit for maximum building-site efficiency

Borga’s steel buildings are supplied as complete, ready-to-assemble building kits. No welding or cutting is required at the construction site. Holes are pre-punched in all frames and beams. Our skilled and experienced assembly teams make sure that the building kit is turned into a building. The knowledge and accuracy of the fitters means that you can rest assured that everything will be assembled correctly.

Steel building elements by Borga

  • Unique steel frames for various requirements, sizes and purposes
  • Innovativ, galvanized beams for bearing constructions
  • Building sheets for roofs and walls in various versions
  • Unique concrete plinth foundations 
  • Quality trims such as flashings and bargeboards
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