Own manufacture – our biggest asset

The key to our total offering is our in-house production of steel components.

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Modern technology

The combination of innovation, manufacture, planning and assembly means that we can offer quality products and solutions with unbeatable overall economy and secure deliveries. This is what we refer to as having “control of the entire chain”.

Our production of steel frames takes place in central Poland and is one of Europe’s most modern welding plants.

This means that we enjoy cost-effective manufacture with a large capacity, which can be seen from our competitive prices.

Certified production

From July 2014, workshops and contractors who manufacture and supply bearing components and building kits made from steel in the EU must be certified. Here at Borga we satisfied the new requirements from an early stage and certified our production process even before the regulations had entered into force.

Borga is certified for the production of structural elements for steel buildings according to EN 1090-1 and the requirements in EN 1090-2. This means that our steel constructions are CE marked.

Our light beam manufacture is also certified and the light beam is CE marked as an individual product.

Borga’s metal profiles for roof covering and wall cladding are CE marked according to EN 14782:2008.

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Sheet metal profiles

Borga manufactures cold-rolled sheet metal profiles for roofs and walls in several countries.

The plate is sold both directly to end customers but is of course also included in our own steel halls. This manufacturing is Borga’s original business and is something we have been doing since the 1970s.

That’s why we call ourselves sheet metal professionals!

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