It all started 25 years ago with an October festival and a Church tent.

“I got hold of a circus tent that had been used by the Filadelfia Church movement as a road church in the early 1990s,” says Joachim Wahlström, the principal owner of the company Skara Tält & Montage AB.


Joachim Wahlström thought it would be a good idea to hire out the tent and earn some money from it, so that is exactly what he did. Having started out by providing equipment for Oktoberfest events in several Swedish towns, the company has grown to such an extent that it now operates across the whole of Sweden and even throughout Europe.

Nowadays, the company’s warehouse contains not only tents in all shapes and sizes, but also stages, stands, furniture, fencing and everything that goes with them – all the different kinds of equipment used at all manner of events.

“Concerts, festivals, weddings, corporate events, trade fairs – sure, anything is possible,” says Joachim, who has now been running his company full-time for over fifteen years and has six or seven employees.

“We also hire out a lot of different weather protection systems for building sites, so we have plenty to do all year round.”

When the company started to outgrow its premises, Joachim decided to build a new headquarters that was fit for purpose, although it was a while before he finally took the plunge.

“Yes, we probably spent a couple of years deliberating over it before we took the decision.”

During that time, Joachim had made contact with Borga and started to develop some ideas on what the building would look like. Once the decision to construct the new building had been made, these ideas were put into practice with the help of the Borga staff. Various suggestions were passed back and forth before the construction work finally began.

When the building project got underway, it took a little longer than anticipated due to an unusually cold and snowy winter.

“It certainly wasn’t Borga’s fault,” says Joachim.

“The plan was that the new premises would be finished before winter came, and that would undoubtedly have been the case if it had been a normal winter,” he explains.

“But the extremely cold temperatures and snow came really early for somewhere at Skara’s latitude, which delayed the whole project.”

Nevertheless, when the building was completed it was everything Joachim had imagined.

“Of course, in a building project there are always things that you would perhaps do a bit differently if you went back and did it again. But on the whole it went well and I’m really happy with the contact and cooperation we had with Borga when we were working on the design together,” says Joachim, declaring that he now has the ideal premises for his business.


Facts about Skara Tält & Montage AB
Skara Tält & Montage AB hires out tents and other event equipment for concerts, festivals, trade fairs, corporate events and private functions. It also supplies fencing and weather protection systems for the construction industry. Principal owner Joachim Wahlström has been running the company full-time for 15 years.
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