Elegant is a modern and functional roof alternative that is ideal for residential buildings, agricultural buildings and commercial properties.


Borga’s Elegant tile sheet is made of sheet steel and has a long-lasting colour system. It has been developed to minimise the costs for your roof, without compromising on durability and quality. Elegant is a watertight, lightweight solution with no need for complicated roofing underlay. The sheet’s low weight facilitates a simpler substructure and thereby a lower overall price for your building.

The profile has a unique design that makes it possible to achieve a straight eaves line and avoid laying the sheets at an angle. The overlaps lock the sheets, which makes fastening easier.

The steel core is passivated and painted with a primer and a top layer in polyester P30, P50 or MAT.

Elegant from Borga means:

  • Economic overall solution
  • Adaptable lengths
  • Broad selection of colours
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Long warranty periods
  • Short delivery times

Available thicknesses: 0.4 mm / 0.5 mm


Color variation
Standard Colors

Light Grey 7035

Silver 9006

Graphite 0087

Black 9005

Beige 1015

Yellow 0453

Reseda Green 6011

Green 0510

Sky Blue 5015

Glowing Blue 5010

Brick Red 8004

Red 0302

Cherry Red 3009

Brown 8017

Borga Color Map
  • Color Map Standard
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