Super 40

Mainly used for roofing where long spans between purlins are required. Borga Super 40 is a modern and aesthetic sheet profile for walls and roofs. The unique shape gives it an unsurpassed combination of strength and bearing capacity. Important parameters such as walkability and rainwater run-off capacity are significantly better than traditional profiles, enabling a wider range of applications. The profile has a special water groove preventing rainwater from coming in through the overlap.

To prevent condensation drops from forming on the ceiling of uninsulated buildings, it is recommended to apply Borga DropStop to the undersurface of the roof profiles.

The steel core is passivated and painted with a primer and a top layer in polyester P30, P50 or MAT.

Available thicknesses: 0.5 mm / 0.6 mm



Nominal thickness tnom mm 0.5 0.6
Thickness for calculation tber mm 0.441 0.538
Mass m kg/m2 4.5 5.3
Yield strength fty N/mm2 250 250
Hight mm 39 39
Cover width mm 1030 1030
Min. length mm 500 500
Max. length mm 9000 10000
Support reaction, end support Rd kN/m 1.15 1.89
Support reaction, 50 mm support width Rd kN/m 3.93 6.34
Support reaction,100 mm support width Rd kN/m 5.16 8.26
Shear buckling capacity, flange Vf kN/m 5.5 9
Shear buckling capacity, rib Vw kN/m 50.7 77.7
Shear buckling capacity, global L2Vgd kN/m 47.7 64.2
Torque, positive pressure effect Md kNm/m 0.728 0.887
Moment of inertia, positive pressure effect Idef mm4/mm 83.7 102.1
Moment, negative pressure effect Md kNm/m 0.696 0.869
Moment of inertia negative pressure effect Idef mm4/mm 75.5 97.5
Walkability (c:c) calculated at a person weight of 100 kg, 2-bay, roof slope<14°, fastened m 1.97 2.38
Walkability (c:c) calculated at a person weight of 100 kg, >2-fack, roof slope <14°, fastened m 2.34 2.82
Walkability (c:c) calculated at a person weight of 100 kg, 2-fack, roof slope <14°, not fastened m 1.60 1.93

Profile data is calculated according to the Eurocode.

Color variation
Standard Colors

White 9106

Light Grey 7035

Silver 9006

Graphite 0087

Black 9005

Yellow 0453

Beige 1015

Reseda Green 6011

Green 0510

Sky Blue 5015

Glowing Blue 5010

Brick Red 8004

Red 0302

Cherry Red 3009

Brown 8017

Borga Color Map Standard
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