New eco-friendly paint system

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For everyone searching for a sustainable steel building, there are now even more reasons to consider Borga as the preferred building partner.

During the spring 2020, Borga will upgrade its offer and start paining its well-renowned steel frames with a much stronger and more eco-friendly paint system.

Product highlights

  • Better durability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extended warranty

Borga’s new polyurea paint system is developed in collaboration between Borga and leading, industrial coating manufacturer Hempel®. The new paint system has several advantages in comparison with other systems. For one, it is exceptionally durable and has an extremely scratch-resistant surface. This means less touch-up painting, thus a swifter frame assembly process.

The eco-friendliness of the Borga’s new paint system derives from its production which releases much less volatile organic compounds than traditional polyurethane paint systems. In other words, a Borga steel building will help you deliver on your business’s sustainability targets.

Darek Grzelinski, director at Borga | BORGA– Our customers requested an environmentally friendly paint with longer protection in corrosive environments. Borga uses Hempel® products for the steel frames and has done so for a long time. Together both our companies created a new colour system especially for Borga.

Darek Grzelinski, director of Borga’s production plant in Poland

Better corrosivity resistance – longer lifetime

The topcoat has an excellent gloss finish and a long-lasting colour retention in medium-to-severe corrosive conditions. Its resistance to oxidization is substantially higher than epoxy type coatings and means that Borga’s steel frames will come with a competitive C3M corrosivity class protection.

In exceptionally corrosive conditions, higher corrosion resistance will be achieved by one or two additional coatings. The latter option would result in C5M resistance, which give an even better performance than from a zinc coating!

Extended product warranty

Besides the sustainability and durability aspects, our customers will take advantage from a 5-year product warranty without additional cost.

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